Aspen Polaris Flash Meter

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The Polaris Flash Meter is manufactured by Aspen Corporation of Tokyo Japan. This meter is distributed by many different companies, sometimes with the Polaris model, other times with other company names like Shepherd, it is often available as part of a lighting suite sometimes unbranded. There are two different version of the Aspen Polaris Flash Meter. The original and Polaris 2 version. The features on both are nearly identical. The only notable difference is the Polaris 2 had a back-lit LCD.

accessories available include a 10 degree spot view finder and well as a flat diffuser.

The Polaris Dual 5 Flash meter has everything the Polaris 2 has but includes a 5 degree spot meter function.


Polaris Flash Meter Polaris Flash Meter 2 Polaris Dual 5 Flash Meter
Measurement Incident and reflected; spot (option)
Ambient and flash
Incident, reflected, spot;
Ambient and flash.
Sensor Silicon Photo Diode
Rotating head No Yes
Measurement mode Ambient, ambient / EV,
Flash cordless and corded.
Ambient, ambient / EV,
Flash cordless and corded
5 degree spot metering.
Measuring range 1 to 19.9 EV (ISO 100)
in 1/10 increments
Measuring range flash f2 to f90 (ISO 100)
in 1/10 increments
EV -4 to 26 EV
Aperture f0.5 to f90
in 1/10 increments
Shutter 60 to 1/8000 sec
Shutter Flash 1 to 1/500 sec
ISO 3 to 8000
in 1/3 increments
Backlit LCD No Yes
Power 1x 1.5v AA / LR6 battery
Dimensions 119 x 63 x 21 mm 148 x 65 x 22
Weight 93 g 115g