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The As Phot is a bakelite-bodied camera for 6x9cm images on 620 film, produced by the French company As de Trèfle c1947. It was designed (or copied from the M.I.O.M. Photax) and first made by the Belgian firm Gevaert in association with Kinax, and named the Gevaphot.[1] However, the model was soon bought by As de Trèfle, long-established as a maker of film, and made in France.

The lens is still a 'Blue Kinn' (presumably named for Kinax; perhaps still supplied by them), on the front of a bakelite lens-tube which screws out from the body for use. The shutter has two fixed speeds, 1/25 and 1/100 second, plus 'B', and there are two fixed apertures. It has a galilean finder set in a faux rewind knob.