Arthur Samuel Newman

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Arthur Samuel Newman (born 1862; died 1943) was an engineer. He started working at a firm of electricians which later began making cameras. In 1889 he invented the leaf shutter. After this and several several other developments in the camera sector he became a co-owner of the company. In 1890 this partnership ended. Together with the businessman Julio Guardia he founded a new company, the famous Newman & Guardia, London. For this company, and later for Newman & Sinclair (with James Sinclair), he developed several cameras, among them the Centum for 100 exposures on unperforated 35mm film, and the N.S. Front Shutter Reflex camera No. 28 . In 1890 he was involved in the development of the Celeritas shutter. Newman was also engaged in the field of cinematography, making cinema shows, fighting for film standardization and developing several cameras and projectors, for example in 1897 the Viventoscope projector for T.H. Blair. And if that all was not enough he became one of the co-founders of the Royal Photographic Society.