Argus/Cosina STL 1000

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This was a line of 35mm SLRs made in Japan by Cosina but using the Argus brand name, beginning about 1970. The argus/cosina STL 1000 (styled in lowercase on the nameplate) accepts M42 lenses.

There are a number of minor model variations: One lacks a hot shoe and has strap lugs on the front of the body (and this version is sometimes just marked STL[1]). There are black and silver versions, and examples including a hot shoe (rather than a clip-on cold shoe) have a flatter design to the pentaprism cover.

This camera uses stop down metering with a needle indicator in brackets at the side of the viewfinder. The meter circuit is designed to get power from a PX 625 mercury battery, unfortunately no longer available.

Argus had also offered other STL 1000 models without the Cosina name attached: these were different rebadged models than the ones considered here.


  1. eBay auction #264694925182 of an "STL" (archived at the Wayback Machine) shows several photos of such a model, with the unusual serial number 0200888.