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The Hermagis Aplanastigmat 1:6,8 is an anastigmatic 6-element version of the Aplanat. It was announced as new in advertisements of 1898, and described as a universal anastigmat.[1]

  • Aplanastigmat No. 8 — 140 mm f/6.8
  • Aplanastigmat No 8 140m/m (for Vélocigraphe)
  • Aplanastigmat 1:7 f=140m/m
  • Aplanastigmat 1:6.8 f=170m/m
  • Aplanastigmat 1:7 f=210m/m
  • Aplanastigmat 1:6.8 f=210m/m
  • Aplanastigmat 1:6.8 f=270m/m
  • Aplanastigmat 1:6.8 f=310m/m
  • Trousse aplanastigmat lens kit (convertible lens in casket)
Aplanastigmat lenses were also offered or even made by

Because of the similarity of the name, collectors often speculate that Hermagis might have been the maker; the reality of the situation is likely to be more complex with several French (and possibly German) OEM supplying custom-engraved lenses.

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