Anny 10 Super

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The Anny 10 Super is a viewfinder camera for Bolta 35 mm roll film, made by Hōei in about 1960.[1] It is an improved version of the Anny 10. Like that camera, it is styled to resemble a 35 mm rangefinder; the 'rangefinder' window only shows a red indicator when the shutter release is locked, however. The 'Super' front nameplate is covered by a green filter, like that used in several Petri rangefinders of the same period (for example, the Color Super).

Like the Anny 10, the Super has a fixed-focus 5 cm f/8 lens. whereas on the earlier camera the exposure adjustments (such as they are) are on the lens barrel, The Super has a film speed selector on the top housing, with speeds 1/25 and 1/50 second, plus 'B'. The aperture is adjustable from f/8 to f/22. As on the Anny 10, the shutter is synchronised for flash with a PC socket on the front of the body, and there is a cold shoe on top.

The Super has lever film advance, though the red window (actually green) must still be used. As on the earlier camera, there is a dummy film rewind knob (Bolta film is 35 mm roll film, so is not rewound).