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The Ami 66 is a toy viewfinder cameras made of plastic and issued from 1969 to c.1985 by the Polish firm Warszawskie Zakłady Fotooptyczne (WZFO).

Is the last model of the Ami series. The differences are that it looks more dramatic, the front of its lens assembly containing a fat circle of fake photocells, as if in tribute to the Lord Martian. Again according to Adamczyk, its shutter is simpler (and worse) than that of the original Ami. The shutter speeds are 1/50 sec and B, while flash synchronization is for flash bulbs only. The lens is a single element, fixed focus one again; the camera is generally a modernized and simplified original Ami, offering the same performance (just the shutter setting B was added). The Ami 66 was apparently being built from early 1970s to around 1980.

The example examined[1] was, surprisingly, accompanied by an all-leather case: a slightly tight fit, but thanks to its convex back very obviously made for a camera without a film plane and almost certainly designed for this camera: the inside of the snout of the case was marked either "1972" or "10/72" and the inside of the strap "15 Czerw 1973" (15 June 1973); all combining to suggest camera manufacture in the early 1970s.


  • Frame size: 56x56 mm (120 film type)
  • Film advance: manual, with red window
  • Lens: fixed, meniscus, 75 mm 1:8
  • Focusing: fix focus, from 2 m to infinity
  • Aperture: 1:8, 1:16
  • Shutter: guillotine everset shutter, 1/50 s and B shutter speeds
  • Cold shoe and standard PC socket
  • Flash sync: flashbulbs only
  • Tripod thread: 1/4"[2]
  • Dimensions: 143x82x100 mm


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  • Ami 66 camera instruction manual