Amateur Photographer's Weekly

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The Amateur Photographer's Weekly was an American publication for amateur photographers


The Amateur Photographer's Weekly was an American journal for amateur photographers published by the American Photographic Publishing Company between 1912 and 1919, when it was merged into the magazine American Photography. The journal's masthead reads:

Amateur Photographer's Weekly
Designed to Create and Foster a Desire for
Picture Making with the Camera
With Which is Incorporated "Photoisms"
Published Weekly at 917 Schofield Building, Cleveland, Ohio, by J. C. Abel
at 5 cents per copy. One dollar by the year.[1]

The journal published editorials, equipment reviews, tutorials, reader photographs, reader critiques of photographs, reader letters. There were also photo competitions for readers and advertising from photographic equipment and supply companies.


All issues of the magazine are now in the public domain and some have been scanned as part of the Google Books initiative and can be read online or downloaded in PDF format for ebook readers.


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