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The Aires Penta 35 is an SLR produced by Aires and introduced c.1960.[1] This original Penta 35 has a 5cm, f/2.8 Coral lens and no light meter. It was marketed in the UK as the Aires Reflex 35.

In contrast to Japan's then-current rush towards focal-plane shutter SLRs, the Penta 35 uses a Seikosha leaf shutter (with EV coupling of the aperture and shutter rings); and economizes by only offering a non-removable, 4-element lens. The owner's manual indicates the lens diaphragm automatically stops down for exposure but only reopens (for the brightest viewing image) as the film is wound on. A rapid-wind lever and a split-image focusing aid are included. Supplementary wide and telephoto attachments were also available.

This was followed by an improved version with a 6-element Coral F/2.0 lens, the Aires Penta 35 LM —not so designated on the camera but recognized by the selenium meter at the front of the pentaprism housing. The top-deck meter needle indicates LV numbers which the user must manually transfer to the scale on the lens.


  • Fixed Aires Q Coral 4-element 2.8/50 mm lens (original model)
  • Fixed Aires H Coral 6-element 2.0/50mm lens (metered model)
  • Seikosha SLV leaf shutter with speeds from 1 to 1/500 s + B


  1. It is advertised in the May, 1960, Popular Photography magazine at USD $89.95 (Vol. 46, No. 5; pg. 15).


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