Agfamatic 6008 makro pocket sensor

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The Agfamatic 6008 makro pocket sensor is the top model of Agfa's line of compact viewfinder cameras for the popular cartridged No. 110 16mm "pocket" film. Its specialty is a sliding window with close-up lens that can be shifted in front of the camera's fast Solinar S 2.7 lens for macro exposures. The camera has a push-pull film advance mechanism which also shifts aside the close-up lens window when used for the last exposure. Thus it's required to close the sliding window after each advance and reopening of the camera for making a series of macro images. The bright frame viewfinder shows green parallax marks for close-up photos.

The other great feature of the camera is its automatic exposure. The CdS-controlled electric shutter and aperture needs the power of three PX625 or similar 1.5V batteries. Therefore it exposes in a speed range of 15 sec. to 1/1000 sec. . A red/green signal in the viewfinder indicates whether speed will be lower or higher than 1/30 sec. .

But that's not all. The camera offers a convenient way of focusing, with a thumb wheel selector around a transparent plastic scale with distances in metres. The long end of the pin pointer under the scale indicates the distance in metres, the short end indicates the distance by pointing on symbols. A distance symbol scale is also visible as top line of the viewfinder's bright frame, and a red pointer is shifted along that scale synchronously to the symbol pointer of the other distance scale while the horizontal position of the bright frame gets parallax-corrected. The Solinar "S" 2.7 multi-layer-coated 4-element lens of the camera is very good. Of course the camera has Agfa's typical red "sensor" point shutter release, and this Agfamatic has an additional thread for a cable release. The camera has a connector for flipflashes. The push-pull film advance system also closes and opens the camera. When the camera is closed lens and viewfinder are protected inside the camera housing. This push-pull closing-opening-and-film-advance mechanism plus the red sensor shutter release is characteristic for the whole Agfamatic pocket camera series. But the Agfamatic 6008 needs to be locked to stay in closed state. On one side the camera has a special hot shoe for connecting an Agfamatic Pocket Lux electronic flash gun. The camera was delivered with a carrying chain which also served as simple distance measuring device for the optimal close-up distance of 25 cm. On the bottom it has a switch to enable its self-timer.

The Agfamatic 5008 makro pocket sensor is a very similar camera, but without self-timer and without "S" in the lens name. The cameras are relatives of the Agfa Optima 6000 pocket sensor, a similar camera without macro facility and with magicube connector instead of the Agfamatics' flipflash connector.