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Selectronic was a series of higher priced 35mm camera models sold by Agfa. The brand covered viewfinder and rangefinder cameras as well as SLR cameras under one name. The target market for these cameras were advanced amateurs.


Selectronic Sensor was a viewfinder camera derived from the Optima Sensor 500, with a similar CdS cell for aperture priority metering, and a three element lens, but featured a new Paratronic electronic shutter.


Selectronic S Sensor was a luxury rangefinder model with higher quality Tessar style lens and improved metering display.

Both Selectronic cameras, introduced in 1970, were made by Agfa in their Munich factory.

SLR models

Three Selectronic SLRs featuring the K mount were introduced in 1980. Agfa-branded lenses, as well es the cameras themselves, were in fact manufactured by Chinon. The only difference between these cameras and their Chinon originals were the Agfa-typical Sensor shutter release button and a more modern design provided by Schlagheck & Schultes.

Selectronic 1, the basic model, was based on the CM-4. It offered exposure metering but worked manually.

Selectronic 2 is an automatic (aperture priority) only camera like the CA-4.

Selectronic 3, the luxury model, was a CE-4 and could be switched between manual and automatic modes.

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