Agfa RPS 2024

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The RPS 2024 Superautomatic Vertical Camera is a floor-standing repro camera for 20x24-inch (51×61cm) large format sheet film. It closely resembles the cameras in Agfa's Repromaster range, but has more electronics, giving 208 built-in exposure programs for various tasks.[1] It has a 24x32-inch copyboard, with fluorescent lamps for backlighting, and with a built-in vacuum pump to hold the copy material flat.[1] The camera was supplied with a 105 mm, 210 mm or 305 mm lens. Originals can be enlarged or reduced, to between 9% and 1100% of the original format (with the 105 mm lens; the longer lenses give smaller ranges). There is a built-in filter-wheel, as well as a filter drawer.


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