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The Agfa Optima Sensor Electronic Flash is the fifth model from the Optima Sensor Electronic series, and features a built-in, flip-up electronic flash. It was introduced in 1981 and probably produced until 1983, when Agfa ceased camera production. The camera lived on as the Chinese Qingdao 6.

Like other Optima Sensor Electronic models, the camera features:

  • a zone focus lens, and
  • a fully automatic exposure system with no manual override. The camera's metering system selects both a shutter speed and aperture, from the range of 1/45th to 1/1000th sec (stepless), and f/2.8 to f/22.
  • It has all the usual series features, such as a Paratronic shutter, electromagnet Sensor shutter release, unique film loading system, and reversible wind crank.

It differs by featuring a flash unit, for which exposure is also automatic, and the user only has to set the zone focus. This means it does not have an aperture selection dial, which is only used on other Optima Sensor Electronic cameras with flash photography (where the guide number of a separate flash will be variable, depending on the unit used). This, along with the greater power requirements, makes the Optima Sensor Electronic Flash larger, and a different shape to other models in the series. In addition, the batteries (2x 1.5 V AAA micro cells) which are required for the flash unit also serves as power supply for the complete camera, while the other models need three V625U button cells.


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