Agfa Box B-2

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Agfa Box B-2 is a medium format box camera and manufactured by Agfa Kamerawerk AG, Munich, Germany between 1937-38. [1]


  • Film: 120 roll (Agfa's size B-2 at that time), picture size 6x9, takes 8 frames
  • Lens: Single element meniscus type, locates behind the shutter leaf; Aperture: f/11, Fixed focus
  • Shutter: simple spring, w/ metallic sliding aperture disc, about 1/60, +B, installed on the front cover of the camera and therefore is located in front of the lens
  • Shutter cocking and release lever: lower right side of the camera; slide down for the exposure, then slide up for the cocking
  • Viewfinders: two brilliant finders, on the top and right sides of the camera, for portrait and landscape views
  • Back cover: Hinged, opens by a latch on the top-back of the camera, w/ a red window
  • Film loading: via a removable magazine [2]
  • Body: metal, covered with leatherette
  • Others: Hand grip buttons; A sticker inside of the back cover for advertisement of Agfa Film B-2, Isopan Film and Isochrom Film.
  • The noticeable feature on this camera is the nicely art-deco front face.


  1. The Box 94 of Agfa is also named as Box B-2 because the maker recommended to load it with Agfa B-2 film.
  2. Loading: open the back cover, then pull out the winding handle and then pull out the inner part of the camera, the lens on it, then insert the film roll to the lower plate, and place it to the upper take up spool, then insert the film magazine into the camera and pull in the winding handle, then close the back cover then wind the film until the number 1 is visible in the red window