Agfa Box-Spezial

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The Box-Spezial (or perhaps Box-Special [1]) is a metal-bodied box camera for 6x9 cm exposures on 120 film (Agfa's B2 film size), made by Agfa in about 1931.[2] It is Agfa's model 64, and the better of two box cameras offered in an early-1930s Agfa brochure; the other is the Box I.[3] The Box-Spezial has brilliant finders (rather than the Box I's Watson-type finders) for horizontal and vertical use. It has an 'I'-and-'B' shutter, but with a cable-release socket. Further, the brochure states that, by setting the shutter-release lock after opening the shutter on 'B', 'T'-shutter is possible, which might allow the use of flash with the (unsynchronised) camera.[3] There is a sliding tab control above the lens to select one of three fixed apertures (f/11 - f/22), as illustrated here. The brochure states that the lens has wider aperture than that of the Box I.[3] Most impressively, it has three-zone focusing. Despite its distinctly superior specification, the Box-Spezial cost 16.50 Marks in the brochure cited, compared to 14.50 Marks for the Box I.[3]


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