Acon 35

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The Acon 35 is a 35 mm rangefinder camera made by Ars Optical in Japan in about 1956. McKeown lists two versions, the Acon 35 Model-II and the similar Model-IIL.[1] There may have been a model I, but no examples have been seen. McKeown also lists the identical Sky 35 Model II.


  • Production Year: 1956 - 1958
  • Lens: 45 mm f/3.5 Vita Anastigmat
  • Shutter: Signa leaf shutter
    • Speeds 1/10 - 1/200 second, plus 'B'
    • Synchronised for flash with PC socket on the lens barrel
  • Coupled rangefinder, combined with the viewfinder
  • Weight: 594 grams


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