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The Accura brand was used for lenses and accessories by an unknown distributor. The brand was used for a single camera, the Accuraflex 6×6 TLR, certainly made by Tougodo. Most of the Accura products were made in Japan, but not all, as demonstrated by the variable extension tube pictured here, inscribed ACCURA Germany.

The Accura brand was later re-used by Olympus for point-and-shoot cameras in the US market.



  • Accuraflex 6×6 TLR with Accurar lenses


  • Accura Fish-eye 12mm f/8
  • Accura Diamatic YS 28mm f/3.5, Exakta mount
  • Accurar 35mm f/2.8, Leica M39 mount
  • Accura wide angle lens 35mm f/2.8
  • Accura Diamatic 35mm f/2.8
  • Accura Diamatic zoom lens 70-230mm f/4.5
  • Accura Diamatic 135mm f/3.5
  • Accura 135mm f/2.8, Forumla V
  • Accura 135mm f/2.8, 6 blade iris, Nikon mount
  • Accura Supertel 135mm f/2.8, 16 blade iris, T2 mount
  • Accura Supertel Tc 135mm f/2.8, 18 blade iris, M42 mount
  • Accura Supertel Tc 200mm f/3.9
  • Accura Diamatic Y8 200mm f/3.5, 62mm filter size
  • Accura 200mm f/3.5, Forumla V
  • Accura 300mm f/5.5, T mount
  • Accura Diamatic 200mm f/3.9, M42 mount, 58mm filter size
  • Accura Ultratel 400mm f/5.9, T2 mount
  • Accura Ultratel 500mm f/8 mirror lens
  • Accura Supertel lenses
  • Accura Diamatic AutoXtender 2x convert with meter coupling for Nikon F mount

Lens Adapters and Extensions

  • Accura Extension tube set for Exakta
  • Accura Extension tube set for Pentax, M42 mount
  • Accura Variable Extension Tube
  • Accura Macro Bellows, Nikon mount
  • Accura T-Mount adapter for Canoflex
  • Accura T-Mount adapter for Exakta
  • Accura T-Mount adapter for Konica
  • Accura T-Mount adapter for Leicaflex

Slide Duplicators


  • Accura Accu-Lite Electronic Flash
  • Accura Accu-Lite Jr 120 VAC Electronic Flash
  • Accura Accu-Slave transistorized slave for flash bulb or strobe units
  • Accura Bouncemaster portable fan flash
  • Accura Bouncemaster Model III portable fan flash
  • Accura MiniLite DC Flash


  • Accura 16x20 enlarging easel
  • Accura AC-5 Self-timer
  • Accura Automatic splice for 8mm-16mm film
  • Accura Deluxe Proxiscope focusing rail
  • Accura Electronic Enlarging Darkroom Timer
  • Accura Enlarging Focuser
  • Accura Mini 35mm Slide Projector
  • Accura reflex housing


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