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The name 35mm Focus Free is the only identification on this simple plastic 35mm camera, perhaps intended as a giveaway prize. Nowhere on the camera itself, the packaging or the instruction sheet is mentioned who the manufacturer is. It does note that the camera was "Made in China." It was apparently released around 2003, according to the date on the package.

The brand of the camera is confusingly generic, as this name would also describe thousands of other plastic trashcams with a fixed focus lens and no exposure controls. This one features a hot shoe for an external flash atop its smooth, plastic body, with an indentation for better grip. There is also a small handstrap permanently threaded into the side of the body.

Although the resulting image size covers a much bigger area than what is seen through the viewfinder, the plastic lens produces a better-than-expected picture.


  • Camera Type: Free Focus 35mm Camera
  • Film Format: Standard 35mm film (24 X 36mm)
  • Film Type: Uses ISO 100, 200 or 400
  • Lens: 34mm F8 Aspherical Optical lens, made of plastic
  • Photograph distance: 1.2M to Infinity, Pan Focus
  • Viewfinder: Reverse Galilean style
  • Aperture: Fixed at f/8
  • Shutter Speed: Fixed at 1/100 second, Mechanical style
  • Film Winder: Manual Rear Surface knob
  • Film Rewind: Manual Crank Style, located on top
  • Film Counter: Returns to "0" when back cover is opened
  • Other: Slide style lens cover with Shutter Lock
  • Hotshoe: Standard for external flash unit
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