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Zulauf (sometimes referred to as G.Zulauf, Zürich) was the name of a small camera maker in Zurich, Switzerland. It was founded by Gottlieb Zulauf (*15.08.1871, +20.01.1959) a swiss mechanic and photographic retailer. [1] In 1895 Zulauf took over a small workshop in Zurich, where he started to produce microscopes under his name. [2] Supposedly around 1901 he started to make cameras (see list below) and with the launch of the high quality models Bébé and Polyscop (1907?) created some attention at Carl Zeiss. They offered Zulauf a merger with the Internationale Camera Actiengesellschaft (ICA) in Dresden, whereupon the swiss moved his production there in 1911/1912 and became technical director of ICA.[3]

After the war, in 1922 Gottlieb Zulauf returned to Switzerland to take over a photographic dealership in Zurich, while ICA continued production of Bébé and Polyscop cameras. From 1922 - 1925 he was president of the SVPG (Schweizer Verband für Photo-Handel und -Gewerbe, Swiss association for the photo trade and industry), which he co-founded already in 1908. In 1933 he sold his dealership and retired.[1]


  • Mignon (ca. 1901-?) 9x12cm plates, strut-folding camera
  • Bébé (ca. 1908-1911) 4.5x6cm plates, strut-folding camera, continued as Ica Bébé
  • Polyscop (ca. 1908-1911) 45x107mm plates, jumelle-style, stereo camera. Folding or reflex finder. Continued as ICA Polyscop.