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The Zorki 6 is a Russian 35mm rangefinder camera, made by KMZ between 1959 and 1966. This is the sixth camera in the Zorki lineup, and the last unique model to be created. The Zorki 4K even though produced after the 6, is a re-incarnation of the 4.

The camera is based on the second version of the Zorki 5 but has these new features:

  • Hinged back for easy film loading
  • Fixed film take-up spool.
  • Mechanical self timer on the body
  • The internal layout of the shutter speed control and rangefinder was modified so advancing the film with no lens on causes no problems.
  • Like the Zorki-5, Zorki-6 will also allow changing the shutter speeds before or after cocking the shutter.

The frame counter and shutter release are both on the film advance lever, the counter must be reset manually when changing films. The standard lenses offered with the camera were the rigid or collapsible Industar-50. The tripod collar is 3/8" unlike the standard 1/4" for modern 35mm cameras, adapters are still widely made. The strap lugs are also included as on the Zorki 5. There are two flash sync sockets, X and M, and a cold shoe.

Vertical adjustment for the rangefinder is done by turning the optical wedge in the rangefinder exiting optic. Horizontal adjustment is done by a screw hidden behind the screw holding the left of the nameplate (when looking from the front).

Like other FED and Zorki cameras, the rangefinder must be adjusted for both infinity and 1 metre settings. Infinity setting is adjusted by the rangefinder adjusting screw behind the nameplate. The 1 metre setting is adjusted by altering the slope of the rangefinder focus follower tip.

The nameplate is a separate metal piece screwed onto the front. There are at least three versions of nameplates, the Cyrillic, the roman, and the cursive roman, the last being the rarest. On roman models there is a stamp on the back reading 'Made in USSR', and the Russian equivalent on Cyrillic models, and on some models there is no inscription. The KMZ logo is also stamped on the back, along with the serial number from whose first two digits the year of manufacture can be deduced.

Zorki-6 are also historically significant because the Zenit 3M evolved from it. From the Zenit-3M evolved the Zenit M42 SLRs.



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