Zeiss 39mm screw lenses

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Carl Zeiss Jena made some of the Contax lenses developed for the Contax rangefinder camera in M39 mount. They were mostly sold during the war and are quite rare. All were in chrome finish, with a slim barrel and rangefinder coupled, unless noted.

  • 28/8 Tessar
  • 35/3.5 Herar (seen at photographica auction Rahn #2)
  • 50/1.5 Sonnar (rigid)
  • 50/2 Sonnar
  • 75/1.5 Biotar
  • 85/2 Sonnar
  • 135/4 Sonnar
  • 135/4 Triotar (sold at Westlicht Auction 27/11/2005)

Some very rare lenses were made by Zeiss but with no Zeiss marking. There is a Sonnar or Leica-Sonnar 5.8cm f/1.5, and a Sonnar 6cm f/1.5 (sold at Westlicht Auction 15/11/2002).