Yashica Half 14

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The Half 14 is a half-frame 35 mm viewfinder camera, made by Yashica in 1966. It is similar to the Half 17 of 1964, but has a lens with an even wider maximum aperture; a 32 mm f/1.4 Yashinon DX, of seven elements in five groups (the Yashinon of the Half 17 has six elements in four groups); the Half 14 is almost exactly the same size as the Half 17, but significantly heavier. It has a similar Copal in-lens shutter, with programmed exposure on 'Auto', between 1/15 second at f/1.4 (EV 5) and 1/500 second at f/16 (EV 17). This is one and a half stops more sensitivity in low light than the Half 17; it is achieved by a CdS meter replacing the selenium one on the earlier camera. This requires a PX625 battery. As with the earlier camera, the Half 14 also has manual aperture settings for use with flash; setting these fixes the shutter speed at 1/30 second. There is also a 'B' shutter setting, which fixes the aperture at f/1.4.

Like the other cameras in its series, the film is advanced with a toothed wheel near the bottom of the camera back, positioned conveniently for the left thumb, and there is a folding rewind crank and the rewind release button in the base. Unlike the Half 17, the film speed dial is not on the top plate, but in the facia of the lens.