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Weltblick (German for "World-view") is a brand used for products distributed by German retailer Neckermann, seen on a variety of lenses for 35mm cameras. The original manufacturers are generally unknown, but most originate in Japan. A 135mm f/1.8 is one notable product, also seen under other brands such as Porst.

Weltblick Lenses

  • Weltblick Auto Super Weltwinkel 23mm f3.5
  • Weltblick 24mm f2.5
  • Weltblick Auto 35mm f1.8
  • Weltblick Weitwinkel Auto 35mm f2.8
  • Weltblick 35mm f3.5 (preset)
  • Weltblick Zoom Auto 35-70mm f3.4-4.5
  • Weltblick Auto 135mm f1.8
  • Weltblick Auto Tele 135mm f2.8
  • Weltblick 135mm f3.5, 15 blade iris