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==Voigtländer Vitona Specifications==
* Manufacturer: [[Voigtländer]]
* Manufacturer: [[Voigtländer]]

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The Vitrona is 35mm viewfinder camera introduced c.1964 by Voigtländer. It was possibly the first camera with built-in electronic flash. The batteries and part of the electronics for the flash are housed in a special pistol-style grip which fits underneath the camera attached via a bayonet. Although a higher price range model, the Vitrona did not have a coupled rangefinder but rather a three-zone focusing system.


  • Manufacturer: Voigtländer
  • Country: Germany
  • Years Produced: 1964 - 1967
  • Body Type: Rigid Rounded Fixed Lens
  • Film Type: 35mm
  • Lens Type: Lanthar f/2.8 50mm
  • Shutter Type: Prontor 250
  • Flash Type: Built-In