Voigtländer VC Meter II

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The Voigtländer VC Meter II was introduced at Photokina 2004. It is the second version of the tiny, accessory-shoe-mounted meter offered by Cosina under the Voigtländer brand name.

This meter is slightly different in design compared the the original VC Meter. First the shutter and aperture dials do not overlap. Second, the battery door has been changed so that it hinges open and stays attached to the meter instead unscrewing loose and becoming lost. The last change, the shoe mounting can also be unscrewed and changed to a different position to suit other cameras.

It is a silicon-cell meter powered by two 1.5v button batteries; silver SR44 or alkaline LR44 cells work fine. It is surprisingly small, and surprisingly expensive at approx ¥26,000. Many people like the look, size and simplicity of this meter. It compliments many older looking cameras. It is available in silver or black bodies. The black version still has dials that are silver.

It is quite sensitive in low light, and has an aperture dial going down to f/1.0, so even owners of rather exotic lenses will find it useful.

The shutter-speed scale on this meter has whole-step click stops; the aperture dial spins freely. Since many older cameras use different shutter steps (1/50th, 1/300th, etc.) this is not always convenient. The ISO setting scale moves quite freely and it is common to find it has been accidentally bumped off the correct setting.

To operate this meter, you set the appropriate film speed, aim the front at your subject, and press the orange button. When you release the button, a reading is frozen, and the LED displays will show red over/under arrows as you try different shutter/aperture combinations. Finally you will see the green center dot illuminate and exposure is correct. The LEDs light up as soon as you press and hold the orange button in case you need real-time readings, rather than freezing one in memory. The LEDs stay lit for as long as you are rotating the dials and for about 8 seconds after you stop.


  • Measuring system: Reflected light
  • Reflective angle: approx. 30°
  • Measuring element: Silicon photo diode
  • Measurement range: 1 to 20 EV
  • Film sensitivity: 25 to 3200 ISO 15° to 36° DIN
  • Power: 2x SR44/LR44
  • Dimensions: 42.5 x 37 x 20.1 mm
  • Weight: 35.5g