Vito C

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The Vito C is a 35mm viewfinder camera made in Germany by Voigtländer. The Vito CD has an uncoupled light meter. The Vito CL has a coupled light meter, and the CL Deluxe has a meter needle display in the viewfinder. The Vito CLR further adds a coupled rangefinder. The top of the CLR camera has a translucent plastic part beside the accessory shoe illuminating the meter needle in the finder.

The round-ended body style was produced between 1960 & 1967, after which a squarer-ended body was made.[1]

In c.1980, a series of ABS plastic bodied Vito cameras was introduced, with fold down front, similar to the Minox 35 and made by Balda, also sold as the Balda C series.


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