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Welcome to Camerapedia! I don't have any of the cameras you mention, but I'm certainly interested in several of them. Happy editing! -- Hoary 10:28, 12 February 2008 (EST)


Thank you very much for the welcoming message!
I'm new to Camerapedia, but I really find this project interesting! Hope I can help with some Minolta and also gather some information! User:Fragarach

Welcome back and thanks for your help! Let me know if I can help with anything. --Vox 09:50, 24 February 2012 (PST)
Thanks! User:Fragarach

It would be good to write summary for edits little more.--Tkmedia 09:25, 29 February 2012 (PST)

Sure... but how do you do that? I have no clue. Okay, I tried undoing and then re-editing with a summary. Is there a way to add a summary to an edit that has already been made?
There is a small text box below the main edit window, labeled "Summary:" You can see how helpful theses summaries are for other editors if you look at the recent edits log.
Another tip: You can automatically "sign" and timestamp anything you write in these discussion pages by clicking the 7th tool button above the window, with the gray script signature icon. This is equivalent to typing the tilde character ( ~ ) four times. Cheers!--Vox 09:54, 29 February 2012 (PST)
Thank you very much to all of you. It has been a while since I last used the Wiki syntax & procedures! I'll be more thorough in the future :-). The 'tilde' tip is very helpful, I was trying to find out how to timestamp my messages. Thanks again. --Fragarach 10:27, 29 February 2012 (PST)

Welcome to the Camera-Wiki !


Thanks for joining us and already editing some articles !
Camera-Wiki is always on the look-out for editors who will share their knowledge !

Well, in fact I see that you were already active in the Camerapedia !

Best Regards and Happy Editing,

Hanskerensky (talk) 13:38, 21 February 2016 (CST)


Thank you! I wasn't very active in the past, I will try to be more active on Camera-Wiki! I definitely need to re-read the technical stuff!