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Camera interests

Everyday cameras:

Research and collecting interests:

  • Japanese cameras up to the 1950s
  • British press cameras

Work areas

Japanese cameras


Some tools for Japanese language

Useful characters: ā ē ī ō Ō ū Ⅰ型 Ⅱ型 Ⅲ型.

Links to older style kanji characters:

Japanese words, mostly in older script:

  • 焦點=焦点: focus
  • 鏡玉: lens
  • 速寫ケース: eveready case (速写: snapshot)
  • 捲上=巻き上げ: winding
  • 廣角=広角: wide angle
  • 筒型透視ファインダー: tubular optical finder
  • 國産=国産: home-made, Japan made
  • 壱, 弐, 参, 肆, 伍, 陸, 漆, 捌, 玖, 拾, 佰, 阡, 拾 : numbers from 1 to 10, used to prevent alteration
  • 壹, 貳, 參: old form of 1, 2, 3
  • 米: metre (see here)
  • 糎 or 珊: centimetre
  • 粍: millimetre
  • 寸: sun, 30.3mm
  • 分: bu, 3.03mm
  • 瓦: gram
  • 匁: monme, 3.75g