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Lists are complete for registrations up to 19 Feb 2016 (started at start of 2015)

These need to be checked

These are user pages I need to check later, to look for signs of a real person. When checked again, if they are more than a month old, have no contribs, and can't be identified as real people (say picture contributors, bloggers or Flickr group members) they should be marked as Silent Users, and thus eventually deleted. Even if they stay silent, ones identified as real people should probably be left alone; move to bottom section for reference.

Registered 2016

Registered 2015

  • User:Rickygeo (reg 8 Dec '15, hello 27 Jan '16)
  • User:Fish0629 (reg 27 Nov '15, hello 5 Jan '16) Found accounts with no actions (ever) at twitter, instagram, and several others. Found warned about uploading copyright material at Wikimedia Commons. Marked silent and blocked.
  • User:Joaotaveira (reg 11 Oct '15, hello 6 Nov '15) Can't match to Flickr group. Various real people, but none relevant to us. Del Oct 16.
  • User:Jeffels (reg 9 July '15, hello 18 Oct '15) Can't match to Flickr group, or to Flickr user. Del July 16.
  • User:TerryD (reg 14 June '15, hello 17 Oct '15) Can't match to Flickr group, or to Flickr user. Del June 16.
  • User:Werewolf (reg 6 June '15, hello 17 Oct '15) Can't match to Flickr group. Numerous Flickr users. Del March 16.
  • User:Filmnoir (reg 30 March '15, hello 16 Oct '15) Can't match to Flickr group; several unlikely flickr users; Del March 16.
  • User:Stolympus (reg 4 April '15, hello 16 Oct '15) Can't match to Flickr group, or even Flickr user. Del April '16.

These are 'silent', but ok

These are users who have no contribs but have been identified as real people. They are members of the Flickr group (F), or have contributed pictures (P), exist as users on other fora/social media (M) or are known in some other way.