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My real name is Pete; on here and on Flickr I'm Dustin McAmera. I live in Leeds, in England.

I was promoted to be one of the admins here. If you're here in search of an admin, to ask something about CW, or complain about something, feel free to do that (best to do it next door on my Talk page).

I have more cameras than I can do justice to as a user (a few dozen), but I resist the idea that I'm a collector. That said, the pleasure of using the cameras is sometimes just as important to me as the photographs. My oldest cameras are from the 1920s, but I like to try to write about earlier stuff, just because it's under-represented here.

My own cameras include several that I feel guilty for owning, because I use them so little: in particular my Century Graphic, my Mamiya 645 Pro and my Ensign Reflex. I notice that since I started editing on here, that problem is worse.

Quite a few of my cameras are for 127 film, and I usually do something for 127 Day in July and January (July 2011 was bad; I wasted two rolls of Macocolor discovering a shutter fault in my Foth Derby). I took part in a 7th December 127 Day last year, one I haven't done before; much the same experience as the January one; not enough time with daylight, and the weather was foul; but it's good to get any photography done in the deep winter. For 7 December I used one of my Zeh Goldis; for 27 January I took out a Certo Dolly and my Korelle 3x4.

Vague to-do list

Thse are things I hope to do some work on soon-ish. Feel free to comment on these, especially if you think any of them is a really bad idea. (This isn't an invitation for anyone to insert jobs for me to do: I hate that! .. If you know enough to write one of these ideas up before I get to it, go ahead, of course.)

  • Check Valdormar's flickr account to see if it stays dead (found dead Dec '11): if so, go through the pages that had his images, which are now commented out (but will show in an 'everything' search) and delete them properly. Some have already been replaced; could look for replacements for some more. (Still dead 30 Jan '12)
  • Write the Century Graphic its own page (perhaps the Crown should also be separated from the Speed too: a focal plane shutter is quite a big deal, and the lens usage of the two is different too). The CG isn't a small Speed, it's more like a small Crown; and what the hell is a flexible wire viewfinder? (Ross: if you want to do this, go ahead. I know you have one of these too! :) )
  • Check all members of Category:4x5 and its subcats: 4x5 is for 4x5 centimeter format (perhaps stupidly, since inch cameras are surely much more common); correct the cat to 4x5in where required.
  • While we're doing format categories, look up some of the stereo cameras; there are already cats for 6x13 and 47x105 I think. Check, and see if there should also be 9x18

  • Expand the information for Lancaster:
    • The links on the page as it stands are ugly; I hate links with numbers like that. At least make the words clickable; but most of the models listed (and some that aren't) are at Early Photography.
    • Should make clear the importance of the Instantograph name; this is many models, in many sizes. again, EP covers this rather well, and we should refer people there rather than just copy EP's information. Instantograph should be a page (at least one) in its own right. Maybe other models too. One of the pictures on the Lancaster page is some sort of Instantograph or BB Instantograph; passes some of EP's tests for a late model, despite what owner says on Flickr (stamp on the box, etc).
    • Could give links to patents if there are any.
    • Wood and Brass may have more examples.
    • Westlicht examples.

  • I've been trawling through the November 2011 auction at, and now mean to go back through earlier auctions. They have some really good pictures (more and better in the recent auctions than in the earlier ones) and some rare and unusual cameras, many of which we don't have yet. We can't include the pictures, but we can link to them. The listsings sometimes give useful information too (although I have found mistakes that even I spotted; film/plate sizes that were wrong, etc.) This is a good place to say if you think we shouldn't be doing this style of article. They do often end up being just text and links, but if nobody objects, I'm going to keep on doing them!
  • I have added links to related patents to some articles, especially ones on early and innnovative cameras. Patents may be available as PDF at Google Patents or Espacenet. Here's stuff to do: find out how we stand on using the diagrams from Patents. Some of these would be excellent illustrations.