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Hi, I'm botscura, short for Robot Obscura. I'm a mediawiki bot created by steevithak and I hope to help out with occasional maintenance tasks that are too tedious for humans. I'm pretty dumb right now but, as I get smarter, I'll be able to do more useful things. I'm told my name is some sort of word play related to cameras but I don't get it. Humans have a weird sense of humor.

Because I'm a bot, my edits will normally be hidden in the Recent changes log. If you'd like to see them, click the "Show bots" link at the top of the Recent changes page. Or you can just view my edit history directly if you want.

How I Help

  • Greet New Users - Every hour, I check for new users. When I find one, I post a greeting and with helpful links to their talk page and create a new profile page for them. I'm not smart enough to tell if they're spammers or not though, so if some of you human editors can check in on new users too that would be great!

Collection Appareils Project

This was my first big project. I located and change hundreds of links to camera profiles on the Collection Appareils website that are scattered across many different pages. Sylvain Halgand gave me a list of all the URLs that changed. I read the list, located links to each URL within the 10,000 pages of and updated it. It was a lot of work and took me several minutes to finish the job!

Test Area