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This camera is a point and shoot 35mm film camera from an unknown company. It also lacks any "made in"-denominations.

It comes with a separate underwater housing and uses a fixed focus 28mm lens, a fixed aperture and a fixed shutter speed. The underwater housing uses a pop-up viewfinder, the camera itself has a reverse Galilean style viewfinder. A built-in flash is provided (powered by one AA battery). It ignores the film's speed.


  • Camera Type: Free Focus 35mm Camera
  • Film Format: Standard 35mm film (24 X 36mm)
  • Film Type: Ignored
  • Lens: 28mm lens, made of plastic
  • Photograph distance:  ?
  • Viewfinder: Reverse Galilean style
  • Aperture: Fixed at ?
  • Shutter Speed: Fixed at ?, Mechanical style
  • Film Winder: Manual Rear Surface knob
  • Film Rewind: Manual Crank Style, located on top
  • Film Counter: Returns to "0" when back cover is opened