Tokiwa Seiki

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Tokiwa Seiki K.K. (常盤精機株式会社) is a Japanese company that made cameras at least in the 1950s. Tokiwa means "everlasting" or "evergreen", and seiki means "precision instruments".

See also Tokiwa Kōgaku.

35mm film

  • Firstflex-35

120 film

6x6 TLR

  • Autoflex A[1]
  • Autoflex IIA
  • Autoflex IIB
  • Bioflex[2]
  • Firstflex
  • Kwik[3]

6x6 folders

  • First Six


  1. Shōwa 10–40nen kōkoku ni miru kokusan kamera no rekishi attributes the A and the IIA to Minagawa; Kanno (p. 116) says that Tokiwa manufactured them and Minagawa distributed them.
  2. As listed by Kanno (p. 116), who does not elaborate. This is a true TLR, and not a toy. (An unrelated Bioflex TLR was also made by Alsaphot, and there is also at least one Bioflex pseudo-TLR plastic toy camera.)
  3. Or perhaps Kwik flex or Kwikflex, as listed by Kanno (p. 116), who does not elaborate beyond saying that it/they may have been for export only.

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