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=== 6×6 folders ===
=== 6×6 folders ===
* [[First Six (postwar)|First Six]]
* [[First Six (postwar)|First Six]] (original postwar model)
* [[First Six (postwar)|First Six V]]
* [[First Six (postwar)|First Six I and III]]
== 127 film ==
== 127 film ==

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Tokiwa Seiki K.K. (常盤精機株式会社) is a Japanese company that made cameras at least in the 1950s. Tokiwa means "everlasting" or "evergreen", and it is a fairly common family name in Japan. Seiki means "precision instruments".

Some of the company's cameras were distributed by Minagawa Shōten under the brand name "First", sometimes using the "First Camera Works" logo in advertising. It is possible that Tokiwa Seiki was a successor of Tokiwa Kōgaku, which supplied lenses and shutters to Kuribayashi for cameras distributed by Minagawa before and during the war under the "First" brand, but this could as well be a mere name coincidence.

35mm film

120 film

6×6 TLR

6×6 folders

127 film

The Mykey-4 4×4cm camera might be related to Tokiwa Seiki, but nothing is yet clearly known.


  1. Shōwa 10–40nen kōkoku ni miru kokusan kamera no rekishi attributes the A and the IIA to Minagawa; Kanno (p.116) says that Tokiwa manufactured them and Minagawa distributed them.
  2. Or perhaps Kwik flex or Kwikflex, as listed by Kanno (p.116), who does not elaborate beyond saying that it/they may have been for export only.

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