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[http://elekm.net/pages/cameras/tengoflex.htm Zeiss Ikon Tengoflex] at [http://elekm.net/pages/cameras/ Mike Elek: Classic Cameras]
*[http://elekm.net/pages/cameras/tengoflex.htm Zeiss Ikon Tengoflex] at [http://elekm.net/pages/cameras/ Mike Elek: Classic Cameras]
*[http://www.auction2000.se/auk/w.Object?inC=WLPA&inA=20160414_1608&inO=407 Tengoflex] offered as lot 407 of the [http://www.auction2000.se/auk/w.AuctionList?inL=&inC=WLPA&inA=20160414_1608&inWLPAAuctionType=AUCTION 30th Camera Auction] by [http://www.westlicht-auction.com/ Westlicht Photographica Auction], 19 November 2016; several excellent pictures of the camera.

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The Tengoflex (85/16) is a Pseudo TLR camera that was made by Zeiss Ikon from 1941 till 1942[1] in small quantities. Most of them were delivered to Sweden in 1944.

It creates 6x6cm frames on 120 film.

The Tengoflex has 2 rigid lenses and can best be described as a Box camera in TLR style.
The viewfinder is of the Brilliant finder type.


  • Taking lens : Zeiss Ikon Frontar, fixed focus, slide in lens element for close-ups (1 to 3 meter)
  • Diaphragm : Either 1:11 or 1:22
  • Viewing lens: ?
  • Shutter : Instant (1/25) and T, shutter release at the top, front
  • Double exposure prevention
  • Dimensions HxDxW : 102x118x76 mm
  • Weight: c.700 grams


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  • Zeiss Ikon brochure, Tusen och ett motiv, nr.445 30 Sv, Sweden, 1945, page 4.