Talking Sidekick

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The Polaroid Sidekick single-use camera was introduced in July 1993 [1]

  • The following text was attached to a Polaroid press release photograph of May 1994:

The Polaroid “Talking Sidekick” camera is an innovative single-use camera with a built-in, pre-programmed computer chip that plays humorous picture-taking expressions such as “Smile and say cheese!” and “C’mon look happy!” Talking Sidekick comes ready to use, preloaded with a 24-exposure roll of Polaroid 35mm High Definition 400 ISO film. The camera features a built-in flash for indoor or outdoor picture taking, sturdy plastic construction, a two-element lens that produces sharp, clear images and a manual on-off switch that enables the photographer to override the flash. The Talking Sidekick camera is available in four versions – each featuring expressions from “Yoohoo! It’s picture time!” to “Smile! It’ll be over in a flash!” It uses both male and female voices which are activated by a button on top of the camera, opposite the shutter button.