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McKeown lists the Flexora I as having an f/4.5 Ennar lens. That would disagree with the photo used here, f/3.5. No Flexora on Flickr is shown with an f/4.5 lens. Anyone know the story? --Vox 16:20, 29 May 2011 (PDT)



. I can confirm from the personal Lipca documentation of Herr Ulf Schopfer that these were indeed produced. In the mean time also a Flickr image emerged : . Note also the Vario shutter. I invited this image to our Flickr pool.

However both the images here on this Flexora page at this time show the Flexora II. Something which has to be corrected.

Best Regards,

Hanskerensky (talk) 04:46, 28 March 2015 (CDT)