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Tahbes - an acronym for "Technisch en Algemeen Handelsbureau Brokmeier en Steegers" was a Dutch camera company, founded by J. B. Brokmeier and a colleague called Steegers in 1945. They were based in Kon. Willhelminalaan, Voorburg, near The Hague. The company lasted until 1957.


  • Synchro[1] Unpainted, shiny metal-bodied camera with simple lens and flash-synchronised 'T'-and-'M' shutter on telescoping lens-tube; unusual Albada finder.
  • Synchrona[2][3] Similar to the Synchro, but with body covering, three-speed shutter (1/25 - 1/100 second plus 'T') and three apertures, f/7.7, f/9 and f/11.
  • Populair:[4] Painted metal body. Otherwise similar to the Synchro, but with a simple folding frame-finder and no flash attachment or synchronisation.


Dutch Companies (edit)
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  1. Synchro-Camera set by Hans Kerensky at Flickr.
  2. Synchrona (including Tahbes ad with factory address) in Hein Banken's Collection
  3. Synchrona serial B6294, with pale green leatherette and leather case, sold at the 39th Leitz Photographica Auction, on 20 November 2021; several good pictures of the camera.
  4. Populair offered for sale as Ebay item 182266741136, September 2016.