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Spiratone was an American distributor, founded by Fred Spira[1] around 1940. Originally his company just offered developing services, as "Spiratone Fine Grain Labs"[2]; but after opening a store in 1946[1] on West 27th Street, N.Y., the company quickly expanded[3] into distributing cameras, lenses and all sorts of photo and darkroom accessories.

The company had a penchant for locating and importing offbeat photographic items—improbably-cheap 400mm lenses, fish-eye adapters that screwed onto other lenses—then promoting them in typographically overstuffed ads in the back pages of photo magazines. Lenses from various manufacturers were offered under the Spiratone name, including several ultra-wide-angles and a chunky 135mm f/1.8.

Spiratone closed its doors in 1990.[1]



  • Spiratone Fish-eye 7mm f/5.6
  • Spiratone Fish-eye 12mm f/8
  • Spiratone Pluracoat Ultra Wideangle 17mm f/3.5
  • Spiratone YS 18mm f/3.2
  • Spiratone YS 18mm f/3.5
  • Spiratone Pluracoat Wideangle 20mm f/2.8
  • Spiratone Wideangle YS 28mm f/2.8
  • Spiratone Macrotar 35mm f/3.5 (micro head)
  • Spiratone Flat Field Macro 75mm f/3.5 (bellows head)
  • Spriatone Tc 105mm f/2.5
  • Spiratone YS 135mm f/1.8
  • Spiratone Tc 135mm f/2.8 preset
  • Spiratone Macrotel 150mm f/4.5 (bellows head)
  • Spiratone Telephoto 400mm f/6.3
  • Spiratone Mirror-Ultratel 500mm f/8 (mirror lens)
  • Spiratone Minitel-M 500mm f/8 (mirror lens)
  • Spiratone-Sun Electric Zoom 85-210mm f/4.8, T mount

Slide Duplicators

  • Spiratone Vario-Dupliscope
  • Spiratone Vario-Dupliscope II
  • Spiratone Vario-Dupliscope III
  • Spiratone Bello-Dupliscope
  • Spiratone Bello-Dupliscope with ECLS Outfit


  • Spiratone Bellowscope bellows, T mount
  • Spiratone Proxiscope Sr. focusing rail
  • Spiratone Bi-Rail focusing rail
  • Spiratone Circo-Mirrotach 90-degree lens attachment
  • Spiratone SSS flash meter
  • Spiratone Ring Flash, 55mm mount


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