Seneca Folding Scout No. 2 A

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The Folding Scout No. 2 A was a big folding bed camera made by Seneca. It made 2½×4¼" exposures on rollfilm, probably type No. 116 film. Centered over the lens it had a hooded turnable brilliant finder. Its lens was focusable by adjusting the lensboard carrying slide on its rails along a little feet scale on the folding bed. An advantage of the camera was its everset Seneca Trio shutter with three speeds plus T and B mode. The iris was setable from 8 to 64, probably after the U.S. aperture scale. On the back it had a red window. In good condition it is a very nice black leatherette covered camera classic with wooden body and black or plated metal parts. It was much larger than the typical rollfilm camera for 120 film, and took quite big film rolls. To load the camera its back had to be removed, an easy task since two levers on the back allowed easy unlocking. The three characteristic metal knobs on the camera body and the film advance key have to be pulled to unlock the film spools.

In 1916 the camera was the 2A-size model of the "Seven-Five Scout" series and was delivered with Seven-Five Anastigmat lens in Victo or Autic shutter.