Sekonic L-758

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The Sekonic L-758 Digital Master is a series of digital exposure meters with the abililty to measure ambient and flash light. It is a hand held meter but also has a view finder for use as a 1° spot meter. The L-758 was first introduced in 2001.

There are several models in the L-758 line. L-758D, L-758DR, L-758Cine. They are all based on the same basic design. The L-758D and L-758DR are the same meter the only difference is the DR model has a radio trancieve feature. A radio unit can be installed in the L-758D and the L-758Cine. Special care needs to be considered for radio triggering as frequencies differ in various countries. The meter's radio triggering frequencies are preset for a specific region. Compatibility issues may arrise when trancievers and recieves frequencies are not aligned. The 758Cine as the name implies has more features for film and video. Included is the ability to measure LUX, foot candles, FL and cd/m2 along with a wider adjustable shutter angle and filter factor.