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K.K. Sanae Shōkai (㈱早苗商会) was a Japanese sales company, based in Nihonbashi Hongokuchō, Tokyo, in the 1950s.[1] It was the distributor of the Sekonic products made by Seikō Denki Kōgyō.


  1. The exact address was Tōkyō Chūō-ku Nihonbashi Hongokuchō 3–4 (東京中央区日本橋本石町3–4). Source: advertisement dated 1954 reproduced at Shashin-Bako, and advertisement in Photo Art no.80, June 1955, p.105.


  • Photo Art rinji zōkan: Kamera akusesarī zensho (フォトアート臨時増刊・カメラアクセサリー全書, Photo Art special issue: All the camera accessories). June 1955, no.80 of the magazine. Advertisement by Sanae Shōkai on p.105.


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