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The Royal Junior (ローヤルジュニア) is a Japanese 6×9 folding camera, attributed to Sanshin Sangyō, probably the distributor.[1] It is probably related to the Royal Senior and Royal 35, perhaps made by Miyagawa Seisakusho. Conversely, it is probably unrelated to the Royal 35 rangefinder models made by Royal Camera from 1955.

The Royal Junior is said to take both 6×9cm and 4.5×6cm exposures, to have a folding optical finder and a brilliant finder, a fixed-focus Royal Rapid lens and a synchronized shutter (B, 25, 50, 75, 100).[2] The camera was announced in the June 1951 issue of Asahi Camera and advertised in the February to June 1952 issues of Camera Fan.[3]

No picture of the Royal Junior has been observed so far, and no surviving example is known yet.


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The Royal Junior is not listed in Sugiyama.