Rollei 16

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The Rollei 16 is a quite small viewfinder camera for 16mm film. The Rollei 16 was produced between 1963-1967, while the 16S was made from 1966-1972, with almost 20,000 being made. It has a push-pull film advance system, a parallax corrected bright viewfinder, a built-in Gossen selenium meter that controls exposure fully automatically, a shutter with speeds from 1/30 to 1/500 sec., and a focusable Tessar f/2.8 25mm lens, enhanceable with tele or wide-angle Zeiss Mutar add-on lenses which are attachable on the bayonet around the Tessar.

The later model Rollei 16S differed in just one detail: The door release was moved from the back to behind the viewing lens.