Ricoh XR6

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The XR 6 is an SLR for 35mm film introduced by Ricoh in 1981.

It is an aperture-priority automatic exposure 35mm SLR camera. It uses a Pentax K lens mount. The AE shutter is vertically traveling at a speed range from 1 to 1/1000 with B and X. The meter is TTL center-weighted and features an underexposure, correct or over exposure LED indicator in the view finder. The view finder has a 90% field of view. It also contains a split image spot along with a micro prism to aid in focusing. Has ASA setting of 12 to 3200. A self timer is available and has a 10 second delay. There is an optional Ricoh XR Winder 2 available for up to 2 fps. It's powered by 2x LR66 coin type cells. The body weighs 460g.

This camera was also sold at Sears as the Sears KS-1. (A version with a maximum shutter speed of 1/500 was sold as the KS Super, and another with 1/500 shutter and without bulb mode was sold as the KS Super II.)


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