Revueflex 1001

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The Revueflex 1001 is a basic 35mm SLR rebranded and distributed by Foto-Quelle in Germany. The camera was manufactured in Japan by Chinon and was introduced in 1976.

There does not seem to be a proper Chinon model which corresponds directly to this Revueflex 1001, but the main characteristics are very similar to the Chinon CX II. It takes M42 lenses and was sold with an Auto Revuetar 1:2.8 f=50mm. The CdS lightmeter is of the TTL type and is powered by a V625U 1.5V battery located in the bottom plate. The result of the metering is shown on the right side in the viewfinder by a needle which should be positioned between the plus and minus signs for correct exposure. Film speeds can be set from ASA 10 - 1600 (DIN 11 - 33) and shutter speeds range from 1s to 1/1000s plus B. Besides the hotshoe the camera is also fitted with two flash cable connections for both X and M flash synchonisation. The mechanical self timer is located at the front of the body and the shutter release button can be locked by turning its base to a position marked L at the top plate of the camera body.