Revue AC 5

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The German company Foto Quelle sold many cameras under their own brand Revue. The AC5 is a Chinon CP-7m.

A fully packed mid-eighties SLR for 35mm film, micro-processor controlled programmed functions, hence the name "digital", which of course at that time had nothing to do with digital photography. Revue also provided a large catalog with lenses and accessories, shown here with Revuenon 28-70mm f/4 macro lens.

Besides the normal manual, program and aperture priority mode, this camera features "Action" and "Creative" modes. Action puts the emphasis on fast shutter speeds, it selects aperture and speed automatically for best results. The Creative mode is made for taking pictures with as much blurred background as possible, the camera will select an aperture as wide open as the light conditions allow it to be in combination with shutterspeed.

The following technical specifications have been extracted from the original manual:

  • Pentax PK-A mount
  • electronically controlled stepless shutter between 15sec. and 1/2000sec.
  • 18 LEDs in 3 colors in the viewfinder provide exposure information
  • TTL measuring
  • exposure compensation -4 to +4
  • DX encoding between 25 and 5000 iso
  • AE-lock button
  • Extensive programm modes (see above)
  • automatic film-transport and -rewind
  • electronic selftimer between 10 seconds and 90 minutes
  • electronic intervaltimer
  • long exposures up to 90 minutes
  • 1/60 flash sync
  • LCD display providing all valid information needed
  • space for 4 AA batteries or 1 2CR5 battery
  • 156x89x55mm
  • 514 gr. (body)