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* [http://www.kamera-geschichte.de/files/hapo36_d.htm HAPO 36] at kamera-geschichte.de [http://www.kamera-geschichte.de/]
* [http://www.kamera-geschichte.de/files/hapo36_d.htm HAPO 36] at [http://www.kamera-geschichte.de/ kamera-geschichte.de]
[[Category:German 35mm rangefinder]]
[[Category:German 35mm rangefinder]]

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Regula Cita

King's Regula Cita was a German 35mm rangefinder camera. It was launched in 1954. The camera was a quite modern design, with rapid film advance lever and optical viewfinder with superimposed coupled rangefinder. It was equipped with Steinheil Cassar 1:2.8/45mm lens and Prontor-SVS leaf shutter. In the USA it was sold as the King Regula Gipsy but with the lens/shutter style used on the later Regula III series cameras, the German distributor Porst sold it as Hapo 36.


images by Just Plain Curt (Image rights)

Regula Citalux 300

King's Regula Citalux 300 was a German 35mm rangefinder camera launched in 1956. The camera was the same as the standard Cita equipped with Steinheil Cassar 1:2.8/45mm lens and Prontor-SVS leaf shutter. The camera was covered in red leather, the metal was gold plated and sold in a luxury box lined with silk and velvet covered in red leather, one of the camera's accessories was a golden chain.

The name of the camera comes from its price of 300DM which was a lot of money at the time. Using the exchange rate for DM to British pounds in 1956, and using the British national archives old British currency converter, the conversion of 300DM in 1956 to April 2010 rates is around £440 (British pounds) or $675 (US dollars). To put that in perspective a modern consumer level DSLR camera with a kit lens is around £480-500.