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The Rada Metallwarenfabrik in Frankfurt a.M., Germany, is best known as the former manufacturer of plate and film holders. The company started out around 1900 as a manufacturer of sheet metal toys, constructor sets[1] and storage cabinets [2], expanded into film holders in the 1920s.[3] In later years, all Rada holders also carried a Plaubel logo, they must have merged some time after WWII. The last Plaubel catalogues listing Rada holders seem to date back to the 1970s, but Plaubel (now in Japanese ownership) still exist in Frankfurt and make large format cameras.

Rada made the following items for the photographic trade:

  • metal plate holders
  • metal roll film holders
  • metal stereo viewers
    • Standard I [4]
    • Standard II [5]
    • Standard III [6]
    • Standard IV [7]
  • metal frames for mounting stereo images[8]
  • film cutter[9]




  • Bobine pour film. Rada Metallwarenfabrik May, 19 1960: FR1219668
  • Récipient de conservation utilisable comme bobine de déroulement pour bandes de film. Rada Metallwarenfabrik Dec, 28 1954: FR1082217


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