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The Praktisix was a medium-format SLR with a waist-level viewfinder, made by by KW and later Pentacon in East Germany. Development of the camera started in 1952, after KW tested the construction and rejected continued production of the Meister-Korelle (a post-war deveopment of the Reflex-Korelle).[1] The camera was presented at the 1956 Photokina, and became available in 1957. An updated model, Praktisix II was released in 1964, with a further smaller model update with the Praktisix IIA in 1966. The Praktisix was superceded by the Pentacon Six in 1966. Picture format was 6x6cm on 120 film.

There were three models

  • Praktisix (1957)
  • Praktisix II (1964)
  • Praktisix II A (1966)


  1. Jehmlich, Gerhard, "Der VEB Pentacon Dresden - Geschichte der Dresdner Kamera- und Kinoindustrie nach 1945", p. 96


Praktisix and Pentacon Six lens mount
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